We have many great adventures on video. After travelling extensively in every state of Australia, we have produced comprehensive videos which include the scenery, road conditions, convoys in action and campsites.

You can choose from High Country in Victoria, Cape York in Queensland, Kimberley in Western Australia and Simpson, Great Victoria and Gibson Deserts. Here are  samples from some of our travel adventures.

… all the DVDs are awesome and I love the same theme music you have playing most of them. My favorite time is 4pm I pop one on. Please do more of them. Nigel McNeill, Buderim Qld. 

Outback Odyssey features drone footage and includes Lake Gairdner, Mount Finke, sand dunes at Fowlers Bay, Maralinga and more. You can see the whole adventure in our video Long Road to the Alice, available as a DVD or download.

Other great adventures on video include our Canning Stock Route Adventure. Featured here is Part 1 of a montage of images from our great desert adventure. You will find Parts 2 and 3 on our Canning Stock Route Adventure page (see link below). This trip is for all those travellers who enjoy the beauty and isolation of Australia’s desert regions, and who are well prepared and travelling in a well set up 4 wheel drive vehicle. See all the history, wells, track conditions, wildflowers and animals encountered in our great video Canning Stock Route Adventure which is available to buy as a DVD or download.